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We offer a wide range of lesson options. Download our free lesson guide for more information.   

A very professional teacher who will guide you thru and thru for beginners like me. Just in my initial phase but I have found zac more than supportive, with fun tagged along. Would strongly recommend for any level or age trying to learn.


As a retired vocational education professional, and a complete beginner, I really appreciate the structure of Zac's lessons and how he is able to inject fun into group learning.


Lesson Times:

45 minute group lessons are offered at the following times.

3:45 - 4:30 Monday - Friday

4:45 - 5:30 Monday - Friday

9:15am Monday, Thursday, Friday

10:15 am Monday, Thursday, Friday

Below are our current lesson formats.

Please contact us to find a time that works you. 

Intro To Guitar

10 Week Course

Keen to get started on guitar but not sure how you'll go?

This is the perfect way to start your journey.

Class size: Up to 5.

Class options: 12/Under, 16/Under & Adults

Free white band included.

Elite Class


OK, you're getting seriously awesome!

In this class we'll take you to absolute guitar mastery. This is where the BLACK BAND can be aquired.

Here, you become a master.

There is no age limit... it's all about experience.

Class size: Up to 15

Red (1 Stripe) - Black 

Emerge Class

Become a solid guitarist as you move through our awesome beginner classes. You'll play heaps of songs and learn some amazing skills.

Class size: Up to 5.

Class options: 12/Under, 16/Under & Adults

White to Yellow Band (2 Stripes)

Musago in School


We offer an in-school program for Launceston and surrounding suburbs. 

For a school to qualify it would need to provide a teaching room with a large screen, as our classes are delivered in a presentation style. 

Contact us if you would like to know more.

Explorer Class

Following on from the Emerge Classes, this is for students who have aquired their blue band, or have passed an audition and skill test. 

Your playing will sky rocket in this class.

Class size: Up to 6

Class options: 16/Under & Adults

Blue - Red Level

Image by Pawel Czerwinski


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